In her latest music video, Britney Spears proves that she doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. The former mouseketeer-turned-mega pop star has been under the limelight since she was sixteen, and therefore has faced a lot of scrutiny in the past 13 years.

In the past, Spears has made videos that touch on her relationship with the media, and it's evident that the star hit rock bottom after she shaved her head, for all eyes to see, in 2007.

Since, however, Spears has been making a steady comeback and in her latest video the Queen of Pop, takes vengeance on the media.

Her song lyrics sing:

Lately I've been stuck imagining what I wanna do and what I really think, time to blow out, be a little inappropriate, 'cause I know that everybody's thinking it . . . shame on me, to need release . . . lately people got me all tied up, there's a countdown waiting for me to erupt.

The song, which was not written by Spears, but rather co-written by Max Martin, who wrote her hit Oops. . . .I Did It Again, sounds a lot like Spears is retaliating, once again.

Martin and Spears have a long history of working together, so it's no surprise that the lyrics sound as though Miss Spears could have written them herself. Martin also co-wrote Hold It Against Me and Till the World Ends.  

In 2009, Spears released, Piece of Me from her 'Blackout' album. The song has a similar message as that of I Wanna Go. The lyrics respond to the media, who watch her every move. Spears sings, I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17 . . . they still gon' put pictures of my derriere in the magazine. You want a piece of me? I'm Miss Bad Media Karma, another day, another drama . . . I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous . . . I'm Mrs. Oh My God, That Britney's Shameless. 

The punked-out Avril Lavigne look-a-like, Spears, pulls out all the stops in her latest video where she battles cyborg paparazzi, and gets turned on by 'Weeds' actor Guillermo Diaz, when he pours a carton of milk over his face while driving. 

Spears threw even more comedy into the mix with the opening where a reporter asks, Is it true you banned junk foods, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your femme fatale tour? The singer responds, Yes. Yes it is.

Watch the video here