Britney Spears made an "oops" on Thursday afternoon when she walked out of a Los Angeles gym, sporting what appeared to be a giant wet spot in her groin region.

While Spears may not have been camera-ready she certainly caught the attention of photographers, who snapped the 30-year-old "X Factor" judge looking low-key to say the least.

Spears sported stained baggy sweat pants, sneakers, an oversized V-neck T-shirt, and a silver chain link choker with her son, Preston’s, name. The former Mouseketeer returned from the gym to her car, and then left again to go clothing shopping while still in her workout clothes. She returned to the parking lot again carrying flowers and a shopping bag from Jeans & Tops Shop, a store located in Marina Del Rey, CA, accompanied by an unidentified man wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat, who looked like Spears’ older brother, Bryan.

Although Spears looked remarkably carefree, the “Hold It Against Me” singer is being hit with increasingly ugly allegations from her former manager, Sam Lufti. Lufti’s attorney made his opening statements on Thursday in a defamation lawsuit against her and her parents, Jamie and Lynne, for libel and breach of contract.

Lufti is alleging that he was unfairly dismissed from employment and had his name and reputation been defamed by the Spears’ family, who blamed him for drugging and trying to manipulate the star. Spears is still under conservatorship and was ordered by a judge not to appear at court or provide testimony.

Among the bombshell allegations already disclosed in the suit, Lufti claimed that Spears was addicted to methamphetamines and nearly overdosed during an infamous mental breakdown in 2008 that led in the singer being involuntarily committed to a mental ward.

Lufti, who says that he was promised 15 percent of the star’s earnings, is allegedly seeking millions in damages. In opening statements Joseph Schleimer, an attorney for Lutfi, said that his client “was made a scapegoat for drug abuse and erratic behavior.”

“He was terrified of being her manager when she overdosed,” said Schleimer.