A male fan of “My Little Pony” -- a subculture known as “Bronies” -- claimed he was fired from his job because co-workers were uncomfortable over his affinity for the children’s show that mostly caters to girls.

The man, who did not give his name but used the user name “FiredBrony” to complain about his firing on Reddit, said friction between him and his co-workers began a few months ago when he used a picture of the pony Applejack and his desktop wallpaper.

FiredBrony wrote, “a few weeks after having no issues with it I got called in by my boss who essentially tells me it's weird and it makes people uncomfortable that I have a ‘tv [sic] show for little girls as a background’ (how did he know about it?) but I acknowledge this, keep my head down and change it back to the standard default background.”

Fast forward a couple of months later, and FiredBrony said he took heat again when he complimented another co-worker’s daughter on her Rainbow Dash T-shirt during a take your child to work day.

“After the day is done, my boss brings me into his office and confronts me about it, telling me again he thinks it's weird and to cut it out at work. I try to tell him it's no different than people pulling my son aside and talking about sports with him and stuff. But I oblige and for the next few months, didn't bring it up at all feeling now like my boss has it out for me,” FiredBrony wrote on Reddit.

When his co-workers brought up Brony culture, FiredBrony said he was mocked for speaking up and was called into his boss’ office on Saturday.

“Then yesterday my boss called me into his office, told me people were uncomfortable working with me (I do nothing but sit in my little hell-cube and do work all day, I hardly interact with anybody) and that they were going to have to let me go. WTF? Can they even fire me for that? I write this after contacting HR because I think that's bulls---. I did nothing at all and I get fired for talking about MLP,” the Reddit user wrote.

Reddit users who saw the post sympathized with FiredBrony, with some urging him to take legal action over his firing.

“That seemed a bit much...usually bosses don't give a s--- what you do on your own time so long as you do your job,” wrote Stony_Pony. “That's like firing someone because they like anime. It makes no sense. Rationally, and financially as well. You'd be in the hole one worker simply because you disagreed with their choice of media. Hopefully, the next boss you have won't be a complete a--hole.”

Reddit user Master-Thief, who said they were an attorney, said FiredBrony may have been wrongly canned.

“Actual lawyer here. I would at least contact a good labor and employment lawyer in the state where you were working and ask if you have a case for wrongful termination,” the user wrote.

User PatricRsGhost agreed.

“Nothing but a bunch of illegal bulls---, if you ask me,” the user wrote. “I'd go straight to your state's department of labor and file a complaint/grievance. If it turns out that was the reason why you were terminated, then they would be fined heavily, and may not only be forced to pay unemployment insurance, but you can take them to court, and they could be ordered to pay a considerable amount to you.”