A Kentucky girl was reported missing early Saturday after a couch fire ignited at the home where she was last seen. While police are unsure if the fire had anything to do with the disappearance of 18-year-old Brooklyn Farthing, they did tell reporters they consider the incident to be “suspicious.” Police said they are still holding out hope that the girl could have dropped out of sight of her own free will.

Authorities told ABC News the home was occupied by a male friend of her ex-boyfriend. The home did not have electricity for a couple of weeks, according to the police.

“Our arson investigators say it’s not common for a fire to start without electricity. It’s usually from an electrical short or a lamp that fell over,” Kentucky State Police spokesman Trooper Paul Blanton told ABC News. “But it doesn’t make any sense that the fire would start the way it did happen. We’re still looking at it as being suspicious.”

Farthing’s family told ABC News affiliate WTQV-TV in Lexington, Ky., all of her belongings were still at the home, including a packed bag. The only item missing was her cell phone, which Farthing’s father, Randall Walker, said is still ringing when called but no one will answer. They have been unable to track the phone, her family said.

While Blanton said that the fact that her personal property was still at the house is an indication that she is possibly in danger, he did say that he hoped she is missing because she wants to be missing.

“We’ve had people, once we found them, they say, ‘Hey, I chose to not be in contact with those people,’ and we’ve had ones that turn into homicide,” Blanton said.

Farthing is described at 5 foot, 1 inch tall, with blond hair and brown eyes.

State police are asking for anyone with information to contact them. Blanton also said they’d like to hear from Farthing, even if she doesn’t want her family to know where she is.