Noah Shaw is always confused with the teen star Brooklyn Beckham almost everywhere he goes. He has a striking resemblance to Beckham, and has become a hit himself thanks to the pair’s shocking similarities.

The teen, from American Fort, Utah, has gained more than 4,500 followers on his Instagram account all thanks to the resemblance to the eldest child on David and Victoria Beckham. The similarities do not just end in both their looks. The 14-year-old Noah also dreams of playing football professionally.

He is a huge fan of the Beckham’s dad, David Beckham. He regularly posts pictures of himself doing football tricks, just like Beckham and playing with his little sister. Such is the interest in him that he has also been approached with modeling offers and is stopped in the street by girls wanting his picture, which the youngster finds funny.

The comparison began about a year ago when his aunt sent the family a picture of Brooklyn Beckham. Noah’s mother Ashley saw it and asked that the picture was very nice and when she had clicked it. His aunt then explained his mother that it was actually the Beckhams’ eldest son, Mirror UK reported.

"I’ve been stopped at school and out in public. At some places, girls have stopped to take pictures with me, which I think is really funny," said Shaw. The youngster lives with his mum Ashley, 35, dad Jason, 45 and siblings Isabelle, 12, Sophia, five, and JJ, four.

Talking about his social media, Shaw said that he never thought that it would be as huge as it is and he was grateful to his fans for all the love and support. He added that it was a great feeling to have so much positive response from fans and also have several fan pages. Shaw is also thankful to his fans for their time and effort.

His mother Ashley said that since her son is still very young, she monitors his Instagram. However, she stressed that her son is just being himself and loves the things he does regardless of them being what Brooklyn likes and does. The teen also said that looking like Brooklyn Beckham could not hurt him.