Brooklyn psychotherapist Lynne Rosen and her boyfriend John Littig were found dead in their Park Slope apartment on Monday following a double suicide. Rosen, 46, and Littig, 48, co-hosted a self-help radio show named “The Pursuit of Happiness” on WBAI-FM.

According to the New York Daily News, the two were found on their living room couch with plastic bags over their heads. The couple reportedly inhaled helium.

Rosen and Littig billed themselves as “life coaches” and hosted “The Pursuit of Happiness” each month on WBAI. They also owned the life coaching company Why Not Now and regularly scheduled self-help seminars.

Rosen’s personal website explained that the couple “provides focused life coaching designed to help foster and encourage your inner strengths, identify hidden and untapped resources, and put you confidently on the path to designing the life you've always wanted to live.”

According to police accounts given to the Daily News, the couple left suicide notes making it clear that they, as a couple, were intentionally taking their lives. Rosen’s note was apparently an apology to those who knew her, and Littig’s note said, essentially, that he couldn’t watch his partner suffer any longer.

“Her note basically said she was sorry for doing this,” a police source said. “We believe she had some psychological problems.”

Rosen and Littig likely committed suicide sometime over the weekend, but they were found by a neighbor Monday after their apartment began to smell. The couple had lived in a quiet Park Slope brownstone for more than 20 years and had been well-respected by their neighbors.

"I knew them for many years," an 87-year-old neighbor of the couple told the Daily News. "They were always respectable."

"John was a very nice person. Lynne kept to herself … She was always putting on a lot of weight and taking it off," another neighbor told the New York Post.

Watch a clip from the couple’s “Pursuit of Happiness” show below.