Bruce Jenner has been dragged through the headlines even more than his famous stepdaughter Kim Kardashian lately. Though most of the gossip has been about him allegedly changing his appearance to become a woman, the latest claims he wants out of the family reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

His estranged wife, Kris Jenner, quickly spoke out and told Entertainment Tonight Thursday the rumor about the Olympic champion, 64, leaving the show were entirely false.

"We film together every day," Kris said, referring to a TMZ report that claimed Bruce would leave the series after the current season. "Bruce had a speech on [the] East Coast, so he was gone for 24 hours. ... We start filming season 10 in January, including Bruce." 

The couple amicably split in October 2013 after 22 years of marriage. They have two children of their own together: Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16, plus several each from previous marriages. Before their public split, the duo had been living separately for some time. Bruce resides in his bachelor pad in Malibu, Calif., while Kris continues to “keep up” with her famous daughters in Calabasas.

The main problem with Kris’ statement is that the TMZ story alleges Bruce won’t come back to the show if it’s renewed for another season past the one they already started filming in January. According to the TMZ report, if E! Network decides to renew “KUWTK” for season 11, that’s when the onetime "world's greatest athlete" is choosing to opt out.

Apparently, Jenner wants to spend more time with his children and indulge in his favorite pastimes like playing golf, flying helicopters and riding motorcycles.

With all the rumors swirling about Bruce’s new appearance, it’s not too surprising he might not want put himself in the limelight anymore. Apparently, he has had surgery to reduce the size of his Adam’s apple. He’s also visibly changed his hair by supposedly getting hair extensions and adding an ombre flair. If he did return to season 11, he’d certainly be sporting a different look.

Bruce "has always been obsessed with his looks," a Kardashian source told Us Weekly. Added another: "[He's] never felt comfortable in his skin."

Season 9 of “KUWTK” airs every Sunday on E! at 9/8c.

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