Bruce Jenner was involved in a deadly car accident Saturday along California’s Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, reports said. Jenner, who survived the crash, was in one of three vehicles involved in the accident.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ one person has been confirmed dead and eight others sustained varying injuries. One law enforcement source said Jenner appeared to be physically unharmed and was photographed at the scene walking around.

This is the second time Jenner has been involved in a serious car accident in the past six months. According to E! News, Jenner and his son Burt were involved in an off-roading accident while in a car race along the Baja California Peninsula in November. The two were driving from Ensenada to La Paz, which the younger Jenner described as “one of the toughest off-road races in the world.” With the older Jenner behind the wheel, the truck crashed and ripped its brake line, rolling on it’s side. The two walked away from the accident with just a few scrapes.  

The 1976 Olympic gold medalist has been making headlines recently regarding his reported gender transition. Rumors began months ago in tabloids suggesting the former decathlete and stepfather of the reality-TV-famous Kardashian family was slowly transitioning to living as a woman. Neither Jenner, nor his children have commented on his alleged transition. But his mother and stepdaughter Kim Kardashian have expressed vague support for Bruce without using the words “transgender” or “transitioning.”