After John Brumby, premier of Victoria, bragged about the state's best hospital system, it was later on revealed that it was the other way around with reports saying that their public hospitals has failed to meet six targets out of nine.

Some of these hospitals are the Bendigo Hospital failing four of five emergency department category targets.

From July to December 2009, Your Hospitals report card showed 40,899 patients who need surgery have to be in wait-list during the end of the 4th quarter last year. An alarming increase compared to what has been reported during 2008.

But they released a report yesterday that hospital admissions have increased by 12 percent, has met the target of reducing amounts of emergency departments to 3 percent and treating 80 percent of patients with severe pain within 10 minutes and 75 percent of patients with urgent symptoms within 30 minutes.

Daniel Andrews, Victorian Health Minister, said that after the signing of federal health reforms last week, improvements may be seen on their health system.

Ours is a strong system but it can always be better, it can always improve and we are committed 100 per cent . . . to drive those improvements, he said.

The four-hour target is not an easy thing to meet.... These are not forecasts, they are targets. Some will be met and some won't be met. But the guarantee is to give nurses and doctors extra support to treat more patients and provide better care, he added.

Meanwhile spokesperson from the opposition Leader Ted Baillieu points out that the Brumby government still remains blind and in denial about the real situation of their health systems.

John Brumby cannot claim that his hospitals are the best in Australia given he has gone backwards under his own measures...Nine targets. Last time they failed five of those targets. This time they failed six of those targets.