Season five of the critically acclaimed AMC show “Breaking Bad” is on a scheduled interim until July 2013, but on Thursday fans of Bryan Cranston can check out the actor in a surprisingly different role.

Cranston has won three Emmy’s for his role on the gritty drama “Breaking Bad,” as Walter White, a demure high school science teacher turned hardboiled meth cook. He will return Thursday to his comedic roots in a guest role on “30 Rock,” where he will play Ron, a hillbilly “friend” of Kenneth’s mother.

In an August interview with TV Guide magazine, Tina Fey, the show's star and executive producer, assured fans that they would get more background about Kenneth Parcell in the show’s final season. "We're going to meet Kenneth's [family]," promised Fey.

In a teaser, the star struck couple drops in on Kenneth at work, only to embarrass him in front of self-absorbed actress Jenna Maroney. “I’m gonna stop you right there, Kenneth,” say Maroney in the clip, when Kenneth attempts to introduce her to his mother. “I am having an actress side-project crisis right now so I’m not interested in whatever this is, or whatever it thinks it’s wearing.”

Cranston, who rose to fame on the Fox comedy “Malcolm in the Middle” acts opposite Catherine O’Hara, who plays Kenneth’s mom. O’Hara is perhaps best known for her repeat performance as Kevin McCallister’s mother in the first two “Home Alone” movies, but has also demonstrated her comedy chops in “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “Best in Show.”

The new season of "30 Rock," which premiered on Oct. 4, is the seventh and last for the show. To see a sneak peak of the episode, which airs Thursday on NBC at 8/7c, check out the clip below.