Bryce Harper swings a big bat, literally and figuratively, and sometimes that can be dangerous.

The Washington National's rookie phenom hit a wall in the tunnel between the dugout and the clubhouse with his bat in a fit of frustration during the Nationals 7-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds Friday night.

The bat bounced off the wall and caught Harper squarely in the face, just above the left eye. The impact drew copious amounts of blood and required 10 stiches to close.

Harper already swings one of the biggest bats in the league, measuring 36 inches and weighting 47 ounces. The average major leaguer uses a bat that is between 30 and 34 ounces. So it is easy to see how the bat could do so much damage to his face.

Harper was given a band aid after the injury to cover the stiches and went back out to play the field. Nationals' manager Davey Johnson said after the game that he expected Harper to miss a few games, but Harper said he didn't anticipate missing any.

The video below of Harper taking batting practice shows just how big the bat is, and the incredible amount of bat speed he can generate with that huge bat. It is no surprise he can rip homeruns with ease.