There's a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming release of BTS rapper Suga's first mixtape, and the idol is understandably feeling a lot of pressure at the moment.

With Rap Monster releasing “RM” and J-Hope dropping "1 VERSE" last year, the thirst for Suga's mixtape that has been growing for three years intensified. As such, it's no surprise that when reports confirming an actual release date came out, fans immediately took to social media to spread word and got Suga's mixtape trending in South Korea and worldwide that very day.

But while he's definitely grateful for the positive reaction toward his mixtape, Suga recently admitted that he initially didn't even plan on telling fans about it before it was actually released.

"I actually wanted to surprise fans when I release it. But I've received so much interest than expected. I didn't even plan to release news about it, but news came out so I feel really pressured now," he told "IDOL 爱豆" on Aug. 4 (via Kimmy Yang). "I didn't expect that to happen, I wanted to release the mixtape without any pressure. But since so many people are interested, I'll work hard to produce music with even better quality."

The BTS member added that he's currently at the last stage of production, so fans can expect the release of the mixtape soon, saying, "I'm at the post-production stage, so please look forward to it."

Last week, fans were thrown into a frenzy when it was leaked that BTS' Suga would be dropping new tracks in August.

The initial reports said that Suga’s mixtape and music videos will be unveiled early this month but did not specify an exact release date, according to Soompi. He has reportedly already filmed a music video for one of his upcoming tracks.

The rapper has been working on his mixtape since before the BigHit Entertainment group's debut in June 2013.

Meanwhile, BTS' leader Rap Monster, who released "RM" in 2015, is expected to release his second mixtape later this year.

Watch BTS' full interview below with English subtitles: