Bubba the Love Sponge gave permission for Hulk Hogan to have sex with his now-estranged wife Heather D. Cole, formerly Heather Clem, according to Hogan.

On the “Howard Stern” show Tuesday morning, Hulk Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) finally spoke about the sex tape with his best friend’s former wife.

Todd Alan Clem, who is best known as radio host Bubba the Love Sponge (which is legally his real name) was not only aware of the affair Hogan had with Heather, but had offered his wife to his friend for years, Hogan asserted on “Howard Stern.”  

Not only that, Bubba the Love Sponge even offered his wife to Stern.

Stern explained to Hogan, “Bubba used to say to me: There are two guys in the world I’d let f*** my wife. He’d say, ‘Hulk Hogan and you, Howard.’ And he offered me Heather.”

Then Hogan interjected, “And you’re the only one that said you’d do it at the time.”

Stern added that even though he was attracted to Cole and would love to have had her, he was married.

The radio host then took the opportunity to say how “embarrassed” he would feel if a homemade porn had been filmed of him having sex with Cole.

Hogan jumped in and said, “Oh, I am. I’m devastated.”

“I mean it’s not a joke, because first off I have my life back together. I got remarried. This tape is over six years old.”

Hogan said he considered Cole and Bubba to be good friends of his and that the two of them had been pushing the idea on him for years.

He said he never wanted to take them up on the offer until he felt he was in “a bad situation” in his marriage.

But not everyone was aware of the incident six years ago. Linda Hogan was still married to the former WWE wrestler at the time.

Hogan defended himself by essentially blaming his ex-wife for the affair, saying Linda practically pushed him to have sex with his friend’s wife, and abused him verbally and emotionally.