Called the smallest town in the United States, Buford, Wyo., population 1, will be up for auction next month.

At noon on April 5, Buford, located between Cheyenne and Laramie in southeast Wyoming, will be on the market by the owner, Don Sammons. Sammons plans to retire from managing his business in Buford, reported the AP.  

Sammons and his family moved from Los Angeles, Calif., to the tiny town in 1980. Over the years, his family moved away, but he stayed as the sole resident and mayor of the town.

It was a great life for me and for my family, Sammons said, according to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

Buford sits 28 miles west of Cheyenne on I-80. It is located 8,000 feet above sea level and is the highest town located on the highway route, reported the AP.

Buford was originally built in 1866 as a fort, protecting railroad workers building the Transcontinental Railroad, reported the Tribune Eagle. The town once had as many 2,000 residents, during the 1860s. 

Besides being the tiniest town, Buford has some small claims to fame. President Grant once stopped by and famous Western outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed a store there in the 1880s.

But when it came time for Sammons to retire, he did not want to put it on the market, electing to use the company Williams and Williams to auction off the town.

I don't believe putting up for sale would do it justice, said Sammons, according to the Tribune Eagle. I needed to find someone who is an expert in selling unique and one-of-a-kind items.

Over the years, Buford has garnered national attention. Television shows, newspapers and magazines have profiled Sammons' turf.

[People are] just amazed by the fact that there is such a place as one-person town, he said.

From all over the world, people have reached out to Sammons, curious about what his town offers.

My most unique email was from Costa Rica, he said. It was from a family who lived in a tree house.

The auctioneers plan to start the bidding at $100,000. The sale will include the Buford Trading Post, U.S. post office boxes, a telephone tower, a three-bedroom home, a 1905 schoolhouse, a garage and a cabin. The town also has about 10 acres and a parking areas.

Sammons will be at the action, reported the Tribune Eagle.

It is a sad day, but it also will be a very interesting day and a new chapter in my life and I'm ready for it.