Bus Driver Uppercut Video Compared To Video Game As Mortal Kombat And #WSHH Dominate Twitter

on October 12 2012 12:31 PM

The viral video of the Cleveland bus driver punching an angry woman has reminded a vast amount of social media users of the popular “Mortal Kombat” video game franchise that dominated Sega’s and other game systems of the 1990s.

The video was posted on YouTube by WorldStarHipHop.com and WKYC reported that the attention has forced the Cleveland RTA to suspend the male bus driver, who remains unidentified. The 94-second video begins with a young woman screaming obscenities at the driver and challenging him to a fight before he eventually accepts her invitation, to the dismay of the passengers that just want to get to work.

When someone off screen shouts that the bus driver shouldn’t engage the passenger because she’s a female.

“I don’t care,” he responded. “She wants to be man, I’m going to treat you like a man.”

In the opinion of much of the Twitterverse it was a “FATALITY!” The upper cut the bus driver delivered to the girl, who appears to be a teenager or in her young 20s, resembled the finishing blow that one Mortal Kombat player would deliver to another after winning a match in the video game.

The fighting game didn’t go unnoticed when it debuted in 1992. The excessive violence was more than what arcade users were used to at the time but the success eventually led to an entire franchise of games and a movie in 1995. The popularity still has yet to subside as a version of the game released in 2011 topped 3 million sales not long after it was released, according to USA Today.

The upper cut the bus driver delivered is compared to the finishing blow that the popular Jax character on Mortal Kombat would have delivered to other franchise favorites like Jade or Scorpion. You can watch a compilation of some of Jax’s finishing moves, which look almost like Looney Toon violence when compared to the video game graphics of today.  

“Just like in Mortal Kombat, after the girl on the bus got hit all the other passengers should of just yelled out ‘Flawless Victory,” tweeted @JHamp91.

“Man should never put his hands on a woman but when a bus driver gets snuffed and does the Mortal Kombat uppercut in retaliation I will laugh,” tweeted @MrConfident31.

For better or worse the sentiment was shared by many.