There's nothing worse than paying the price for a fun night out with a massive hangover. Yet there's a new product that may alleviate the pesky head pains and nausea that comes with drinking. Bytox is the latest trend in hangover prevention remedies. Now sold in hotel minibars, it comes in the form of a patch. How revolutionary! It contains vitamins and essential nutrients that keep those consuming alcohol hydrated.

The trendy new product was created by Dr. Leonard Grossman, a New York surgeon, who has attested to the safety of the patches:

Our remedy has no toxicity at high levels so you cannot overdose. It is all made from natures best, is water soluble and essential to our bodies.

So what to do if your already hungover? The patch can actually speed up the recovery process when used the morning after drinking. At the recent Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas, the patch emerged as one of the best hangover erasers out there. Other liquid antidotes contain caffeine which can make the symptoms of over-drinking worse. Perhaps in the near future the patches will be included with certain beverages or placed atop the bar in place of a bowl of nuts.