An expecting mom has started a new baby trend that 1980s babies can relate to. Inspired by sewing patterns she found online, Amanda Lillie, 33, started creating wigs for babies that resembled the hairstyles of the Cabbage Patch Kids, a popular toy from the 1980s. Since selling her crotchet creations on her Etsy shop last fall, sales of the Cabbage Patch Kids wigs have skyrocketed and gone viral with parents snapping shots of their real-life baby dolls.

“I was a huge child of the ‘80s and I had lots of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and I just loved them,” Lillie told Today.

Lillie got the inspiration for the idea from photos online of a crotchet wig created by another hobbyist for a toddler. “The hat did not look like a Cabbage Patch Kid at all, it had stringy bangs and the pigtails were entirely too short, I knew I could create a much more authentic looking wig,” she told the Daily Mail. “So I pulled out my old dolls for inspiration and I set to work creating a pattern with loopy bangs, similar to what all of my dolls had, and with longer bunched pigtails with ribbons.”

Lillie says most of her customers buy wigs for 8-month-olds since that’s the age when most babies resemble a Cabbage Patch Kid. Sales picked up during Halloween season and buzz grew online. Lillie sells her Cabbage Patch Kid's wig patterns for $5.99. The premade wigs costs $30-$40 but are temporarily sold out.

The wigs have found a variety of uses. One customer wears it to work at a daycare, another gives the wigs to children with cancer who lost their hair from chemotherapy, Lillie said.

“I thought that was just amazing,” Lillie said. “That was just the sweetest, endearing thing I’ve ever heard.”

Check out photos of babies sporting the wigs below: