Beijing - Hu Shuli, the chief editor of Caijing, China’s most influential business magazine, has submitted resignation with parent company Stock Exchange Executive Council (SEEC) agreeing to her request.

The rumor that the paper’s editorial team would resign together was far as I know,” according to Executive Editor, Wang Shuo , writing in his blog.

On the same day, Dai Xiaojing, Caijing’s deputy chief editor, Yang Daming, another Deputy Chief Editor have determined to leave, as well as Wang Shuo.

Yang Lang was appointed as the Depute Chief Editor.

By the end of September, Caijing manager Wu Chuanhui and nearly 70 employees, or more than two-thirds of the business department, had resigned. It was widely thought that the editorial team would follow suit and start their own paper.

I think Hu leaving might be a good thing – it's broken out of accumulated conflicts, said Li Datong, a commentator who was ousted as editor of the influential publication Freezing Point for his progressive views. They suffered from a lot of restrictions – they were requested not to report issues outside their own field (of finance).

He added: They are a group of idealistic people and it might be a chance for them to realize themselves again … I heard they will experiment with the new magazine – for example, the main reporters and editors will not only be employees but stockholders.

Hu Shuli may accept an invitation to become a dean of Sun Yat-Sen University’s School of Communication and Design, though she hasn’t responded to that offer yet.