Reality star Caitlyn Jenner has hired a handsome new bodyguard. The reality star-turned-LGBT advocate has been attracting a lot of attention since coming out as transgender earlier this year. While making a string of public appearances, she has been spotted with a hunky bodyguard who is reminiscent of her stepdaughter Kim Kardashian West’s former guard.

People shared a photo of Jenner and her bodyguard that was taken in New York City last weekend. She was in the city to attend NYC Pride Week events and to meet with some friends. Her impeccable outfits were the talk of the town -- but so was the hunky bodyguard who shadowed her during her activities.

According to the report, the bodyguard was seen with the former Olympian Bruce Jenner as she visited the city’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center. The guard also accompanied Jenner as she went shopping in some designer boutiques and met up with some friends in New York restaurants. Britain's Daily Mail also shared some photos and videos of Jenner as she went about her business in New York. She was spotted wearing a sequined miniskirt and a leopard dress -- all with her bodyguard nearby.

People compared Jenner’s bodyguard to her stepdaughter Kim’s former bodyguard, Shengo Deane. The Australian hunk worked with Kardashian several years ago and reconnected with her during a visit to the United States. They dated briefly in 2011 and he was even seen in an episode of “Keeping up With the Kardashians,” doing a walk of shame in the morning.

The relationship didn’t work out and Kardashian eventually went on to marry rapper Kanye West. Despite the comparisons between the two good-looking bodyguards, no report has confirmed any romantic relationship between Jenner and her bodyguard. After all, despite being transgender, Jenner insists she is interested only in women.

Jenner has been married to three women and has fathered six biological children. She also helped raise the four Kardashian children because of her 23-year marriage to Kris Jenner. At the moment, she is busy reconnecting with her family as her female self. She has also started becoming more active in the LGBT community and hopes her fame can be used to effect positive change. On Monday, she shared a photo with a group of other popular transgender women and expressed her admiration for all of them.