In a tragic and inexplicable incident a 29-year-old man, known for helping the needy was shot in the head while feeding a formerly homeless man on Wednesday in Oakland, California, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Oakland Police Department (OPD) reported that the incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. when the man, his wife and his two step-daughters were doing their daily rounds feeding the hungry. Early on Wednesday when the family was giving a meal of fish, french fries and soda pop to one of their regulars, William, a car pulled up and someone shot at them, reports the Oakland Tribune.

William, 61, was horrified at the incident. At the time of shooting William ducked for cover but the family didn't have time to do the same.  The man's wife was injured along with one of the girls who was just, three added the report.

William was a homeless when the family befriended him but has since found employment as a caretaker in a business.

Even though the OPD has not revealed the name of the man, he was known as Brother John in the neighborhood. He and his family were involved in feeding the hungry for over a year.

Brother John is battling for his life and is in critical condition.

"He didn't have to come here and do this. There ain't too many people who would. He might lose his life helping people in the street," the report quoted William. "I just hope and pray they (police) catch who did this."

The police cannot identify any motive for the attack and are offering a reward of $25,000 for any information on the gunman.