A California surfer, who was bitten by a shark Sunday and survived the attack, was released from the hospital on Monday. The man, who has been identified as Kevin Swanson, 50, of Morro Bay, according to San Luis Obispo Tribune, underwent a hip surgery on Sunday.

Swanson was attacked by an 8- to 10-foot long juvenile great white shark while he was surfing at the Sand Spit Beach in Montana de Oro State Park, Central California, on Sunday. Ron Yukelson, a spokesperson for Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, confirmed that Swanson was released early Monday at 11:40 a.m. local time, the San Luis Obispo Tribune, reported.

The great white shark had pulled Swanson off his surfboard and dragged him under water. The 50-year-old reportedly resurfaced after several seconds and shouted “Shark!” He then used the leash from his board to create a tourniquet around his leg, while he paddled to the shore, The Associated Press (AP) reported. A doctor, who happened to be walking on the beach, gave Swanson first aid and said that his arteries were not affected by the attack. Swanson was later transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

"He was full of adrenaline. He peddled so fast out of there," Andrew Walsh, who was surfing along with Swanson, said, according to AP.

The beach will be kept open for public, but signs, warning people of the attack, will be put up for three days, Supervising State Park Ranger Robert Colligan, reportedly said.

"He's a real strong-headed guy that's a smart, educated man," Mike Jones, who shot a video with Walsh on the shark attack, said, referring to Swanson. "He surfs probably more than everybody around here."

Jones also reportedly said that he has been in constant touch with Swanson through text messages and that the surfer cannot wait to get back into water. "He says he'll be out in the water in no time," Jones said.