"Californication"aired its series finale on Sunday, June 29, after seven seasons on Showtime -- and the drama seemed to leave no loose ends for its colorful characters! Fans seemed to have most of their questions answered as they said goodbye to the Showtime hit. Here are our favorite moments from episode 12, "Grace":

Hank and Karen got back together.

After seven seasons, Hank finally decided to make it work with Karen. He got on her flight and tried to sit next to her, but the woman in the seat refused to move. Hank tried to give Karen his letter declaring his feelings for her ("Because every time I open my mouth, something stupid comes out"), but she refused to read it. So, Hank stood there and read his love letter to Karen aloud for the entire plane to hear. The ending was abrupt.

“I didn't know how to finish it because it's not over," he explained. "It'll never be over as long as there's you and there's me and there's hope."

Hank encouraged Levon to have a real relationship.

Remember when Hank was hitting on a 16-year-old in the pilot episode? He has come a long way over the last seven seasons. Levon got arrested after he was caught trying to pay for sex. Julia blamed Hank while they were at the station, and Hank seemed to actually take some responsibility. He took Levon out to a bar and talked to him about real relationships. After a girl hit on Levon, Hank encouraged him to talk to her and Levon basically crashed and burned. He had trouble maintaining a normal conversation, but Hank stepped in while the girl was in the restroom and gave Levon a pep talk. Hank’s pep talk worked and Levon seemed to be on the path to having sex without paying for it.

Marcy didn’t sleep with Stu (and got to keep the million dollars).

Stu finally got impatient and decided that it was time for Marcy to sleep with him. After he freaked out at Marcy, he ran to the bathroom, which gave Marcy just enough time to find his creepy Marcy-Mannequin.  Marcy tried to leave, but Stu refused and tried to force her onto the bed. Charlie came back just in time to pull Stu off of her. When Charlie and Marcy tried to leave, Stu wanted them to give his million dollars back. Charlie let him know that they weren’t going to give the money back, and he could destroy Stu’s life if he told people what Stu had done. Stu clearly took the threat to heart and claimed that the money was his gift to them as a way to ask for forgiveness.

The happy ending.

We’re suckers for a happy ending. Everything was wrapped up in a nice bow, and it seemed like everyone was paired off for their own version of happily ever after. While “Rocket Man” played, viewers saw that Becca got married; Julia and Rath were together; Levon was having a relationship with a woman who wasn’t a hooker; Charlie and Marcy were shown holding hands; and Hank and Karen were finally making it work. Even Stu was shown having a nice dinner with his creepy Marcy doll. Despite Hank’s claim that his and Karen’s story would never be over, it felt like a solid ending.

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