After Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a car crash Tuesday, the NFL star released a statement on Instagram to express his gratitude for being alive. On Wednesday he posted a picture of his vehicle after the accident and reflected.

“I do not know where to begin because by the look of that picture someone is supposed to be dead or severely injured worse than what I am right now! While I am resting up the thought that keeps flashing in my mind is that GOD IS GOOD and someone has there protective hands on my life shielding me from any danger that may come my way!”

After being on the site for over an hour, more than 37,000 of his 412,000 followers liked the image. The post also garnered thousands of comments.

The professional athlete continued: “L1FE IS TO SHORT FOR YOU NOT TO APPRECIATE IT TO THE FULLNESS; THROUGH THE GOOD AND THE BAD! I thank you to the people who have been keeping me in there prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery!” he said in part of his lengthy post. “I am appreciative for the many great things GOD has given me to be thankful for.”

The accident has left Newton hopeful, and he essentially advised his followers to make the most of their lives. “So if you read this I challenge you to L1VE life to the fullness everyday! 1OVE the people who are close to you (and don't be afraid to tell them as well)! FORG1VE 'whoever' for 'whatever' they did! Trust when I tell you that L1FE is [too] short for you NOT to do those things!”

It was determined that Newton, 25, was not at fault for the crash, ESPN reported. He was reportedly driving at 35 mph -- the legal speed limit at the crash location -- when another driver pulled in front of him and “t-boned” him near the Bank of America Stadium where the Panthers play, allegedly causing the accident.

Newton's pickup truck flipped over and he was initially unable to walk, TMZ wrote. The quarterback has since been released from the hospital, but because of the two lower back fractures he suffered from the incident, he will not play in the Panthers’ home game, wrote.

It’s not clear when Newton will play again for the Panthers, but the team doesn't seem to be pressuring him. "Right now we have thought about Cam's well-being and we understand there was someone else in the other car who was injured," the team said. "We just hope that they're all OK."

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