Cameroon's state oil company has increased its 2011 oil production forecast to 65,000 barrels per day from 55,000 bpd, an official told Reuters late on Tuesday.

If the outlook holds it would mark a slight improvement over 2010 output, which averaged 64,000 bpd.

This increase is due to remedial programming or better-than-expected improved production mainly from maturing fields operated by Perenco, SNH exploration manager Simon Tamfu said.

Perenco is an independent oil and gas company which has operated in Cameroon since 1993. Other oil producers in Cameroon include Total and Bowleven.

Cameroon oil production has been in decline since it peaked at 185,000 bpd in 1986, as its fields age, putting at risk its main source of export revenue.

But the government of the central African state is hoping to push output back up to 100,000 bpd by next year as new wells come on line.