To some parents, this news is not surprising. But the numbers revealed by market research firm Nielsen is staggering - 7 out of 12 children, aged 12 or under, live in a household that owns the Apple tablet.

According to Nielsen's poll of adults whose kids are under 12, this is a 9% increase from the third quarter 2011. And, the iPad is mainly used for game and educational purposes.

In fact, playing games has topped the list of iPad's purpose. Seventy-seven percent of children aged 12 or under have downloaded and played games. In comparison, 57% children use the tablet for educational purpose.

However, with Apple's unceasing innovation in education, we can expect more kids to use the iPad for education purpose in the future.

Fifty-five percent of the parents surveyed said they give tablet to kids for entertainment while traveling while 41% of parents agree that one can save waiting time in restaurant by giving the tablet to children.

Forty-three percent of parent responded that kids watch TV and movies via iPad. However, when it comes to communication with friends and family, the tablet is not yet a popular device, with only 15% kids using them for communication purpose. It means kids still prefer going out to meet and play with friends.

Does it mean the iPad can effectively replace a babysitter? Leave your comments below.