Until death do you part was a sobering vow for newlywed couple Chris Clark, 41, and wife, Charlotte, 30. The UK duo made quite a statement last fall after Clark proposed to his blushing bride mere minutes after receiving a diagnosis of terminal pancreatic cancer, only to walk down the aisle 10 days later.

According to a report from Coventry Telegraph, it was the news of his possible untimely demise that led the cancer patient to not only wed his longtime girlfriend, but also give her the extravagant affair she had always dreamed of. “Our engagement was always going to happen, it was only a question of when,” said Charlotte. “It was amazing. It was everything I wanted and more."

The couple reportedly considered a courtroom ceremony but instead stuck to plans to hold a rural church wedding. Not only did friends and family members of the couple work together to collaborate their special day, but local businesses also stepped in to make their last minute Oct. ceremony a possibility. The groom’s three children from a previous marriage, Connor, 20; Logan, 17; and Sennen, 15, were also in attendance.

See a photo of Chris Clark and his wife, Charlotte on their wedding day here.

Chris said he proposed to his bride after receiving test results following complaints of pains last July, reportedly proposing in the facilities' waiting room after receiving what he called an “explosion” of bad news. “I already knew I wanted to be married to Charlotte so when they said it was non-curable, I knew what I was going to do,” he said.

Since their ceremony, Chris has undergone several bouts of chemotherapy in an attempt to defeat the cancer he said is hereditary, already surpassing the original six month timeline presented to him by medical professionals. “We are all hoping and praying the cancer hasn’t grown,” said Charlotte. “We’re trying to live a normal life and we are very pragmatic about the future.”