“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” has been covering bone-chilling topics since the CBS drama first aired in 2000. But now the creator of the series, Anthony E. Zuiker, and his team of crafty writers are taking the phrase “nail-biting” to a whole new level. During Wednesday’s episode, “Consumed,” “CSI” dove head first into uncharted waters when they introduced cannibals during Season 14.

"There's something about cannibalism that is so taboo and forbidden and disgusting that we, as a culture, don't want to think about it — but we can't stop our minds from going there," Tom Mularz, who wrote last night’s disturbing episode, told TV Guide.

Mularz explained that the episode took “CSI” to a “very dark” place as the television series debunked the shockingly thriving subculture of Las Vegas known as the vore world. It’s a place “where people fantasize about eating — or being eaten by — other living creatures,” he revealed.

Scariest part of this cannibal-themed episode is that it’s real. “We never make this stuff up! We do our research and find it. Truth is always stranger than fiction. If anything, we have to tone it down. This vore world actually exists,” Carol Mendelsohn, executive producer of “CSI,” admitted. That is scary.

“CSI” isn’t the only show on television to cover such a terrifying topic of man-eating-man. Check out these TV shows that have used cannibalism as a storyline:

1. “South Park” – During Season 5, Eric Stough and Trey Parker dabbled in the world of cannibalism through “Scott Tenorman Must Die.” After the red headed bully tricked Cartmen into thinking he could reach puberty faster, the protagonist decided to get revenge. Originally, he attempted to train a horse to eat Scott. But when that didn’t work out, Cartmen relied on cannibalism. He tricked Scott into eating his parents by chopping them up and cooking them in a pot of chili. Scott was unaware of what Cartmen had done until he saw his mom’s finger floating in the bowl of meaty flesh.


2. “The Walking Dead” – It hasn’t been confirmed yet but the hit AMC series has hinted that cannibalism will be introduced in the acclaimed drama returns with Season 5. Currently, Rick and the gang are imprisoned in a place called Terminus, which means end of the line. Fans have theorized that those residing in the supposed safe haven are actually “The Hunters.” The Hunters are a group of survivors from the comic book series that relied on eating people after finding it too difficult to hunt animals. Could Rick end up being chopped meat next Season?

3. “Game of Thrones” – The Season 4 premiere of “GoT” was pretty wild. Arya got revenge, the red viper made his debut and the Thenns roasted an arm. Styer, the bald and scarred leader of the group, proposed to the wildlings that once in their lives they should “try Crow.” Was this a power move? Probably. And it definitely worked.

4. “Grey’s Anatomy” – The long-running drama shed light on cannibalism in an interesting way by basing an episode on Miami’s face-eating zombie. You know what we’re referring to, right? Back in 2012 a man named Rudy Eugene endured a bad acid trip, according to Miami police. During his spell, he gnawed off the face of a half-naked homeless man on the MacArthur Causeway. Eugene continued feasting on the man despite getting shot. Those events were reenacted in “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, in the show the bitten man was then transformed into a zombie-like creature himself.

5. “Nip Tuck” – It was survival of the fittest during a 2008 episode of the FX drama. During “Kyle Ainge,” a young man (Kyle) wanted to have reconstruction surgery done on his arm after he and his wife resorted to cannibalism while stranded in the mountains.

6. “The 100” – The new CW series is getting really creepy—and we kind of love it! After a group of 100 misfits were dropped on Earth, years after the planet was destroyed in a nuclear war, they quickly realize they’re not alone. But who are the anonymous sphere-throwing people hiding in the radiated forest? Fans are questioning if the people hidden in the trees are cannibals. Now that would be one heck of a storyline.

7.  “American Horror Story” – Ryan Murphy has a thing for cannibalism, eh? His second series made our list due to the “mutant” creatures of Season 2, “Asylum.” These “Raspers,” as he liked to call them, were former patients that were tortured in barbaric experiments in Briarcliff Manor. Although Murphy explained these deformed humans weren’t exactly cannibals—because they weren’t cannibals by choice—they still ate human flesh as a mean to survive.