Cape Cod vacationers beware. The Cape Cod Shark Hunters have spotted two great white sharks, one being just 50 feet off the shore of Chatham beach, Massachusettes.

On June 28, the Cape Cod Shark Hunters released a shark sighting for 2012. During a routine flight above the waters, hunter George Breen spotted a deadly intruder -- a 16 foot great white shark.

According to, the great white was found just north of the Chatham Harbor Inlet. The shark had been discovered as it hunted for seals. The location is said to be close to popular swimming beaches.The Daily Mail reports that the 16 foot great white is estimated to weigh in at over 2,000 pounds.The second shark in question was smaller, and spotted a quarter mile off the shore.

While a predator lurks in the waters, no plans have been made to close down any of the beaches during the Fourth of July week. We're still evaluating the situation; we haven't closed any beaches and we don't expect to imminently unless more data proves it prudent, explained Daniel Tobin, the Director of Chatham's parks and recreation.

The Cape Cod Shark Hunters are currently working on a tagging expedition, but no further sightings have been reported on their site. While the Shark Hunters prepare to tag the deep sea creature, they urge swimmers to avoid swimming at dusk, as well as to stay away from areas that are heavily populated by seals.

By tagging the sharks, the Shark Hunters are able to see if they come back  to the same area every year. The Examiner reports that the sharks tagged last year had returned to the Chatham area last week, staying about a half mile from the Chatham shore.

To see the photos of the great white shark sighting by the Cape Cod Shark Hunters click here.