“Captain America: Civil War” cast member Chris Evans feels that superhero movies will continue to be popular for a while. The actor shared his thoughts on the genre in a recent interview and explained what it could take for such movies to be successful in the near future.

In an in interview with Collider, Evans was asked to respond to Steven Spielberg’s comments about superhero movies fading eventually the same way as Western movies. The actor pointed out that the superhero movie genre can make use of the current technology and each new movie may attempt to showcase its technological accomplishments on screen.

Evans said that movies that can use modern technology to tell stories about “larger-than-life characters” and showcase “fantastical locations and plots” are going to “surge for a while.” The actor felt that both the superhero genre as well as the fantasy movies will experience this popularity in the near future.

The actor also pointed out that when superhero movies are grounded enough, they will feel like “human stories with a little bit of superhero sprinkled in.” The actor felt that “Captain America: Civil War” directors Anthony and Joe Russo are able to achieve this. Evans said that for the existing movie franchises to continue to do well, it is a matter of getting the tone right and directors “reinventing the flavor” to keep the fans interested.

Evans’ forthcoming movie will be focusing on the rivalry between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. The different positions taken by the two characters in the movie will split the superhero community into two factions. In an interview with MTV Evans revealed that the two super heroes, who will be a part of his team in the movie, will be Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).

According to a report by BirthMoviesDeath, the main plot of the movie revolves around the governments across the globe wanting to govern superhero activity. This is different from the comic book series, in which the focus is on the Superhero Registration Act that forces superheroes to reveal their true identity to the public.

“Captain America: Civil War” will reportedly focus on the moral dilemma of the superheroes about whether they should submit to governments of the world, who may, for instance, not want them to interfere with the human rights abuses of a dictator. The report said that both factions in the movie could be potentially right in their respective views.