Cartoon Donald Trump was such a big hit the first time, Stephen Colbert had him back again. The comedian's animated parody of the Republican presidential front-runner stopped by CBS' "The Late Show" Monday to discuss Tuesday's Wisconsin primary.

Trump has been having a rough go of things in Wisconsin, where a series of controversial statements and relentless attacks from right-wing pundits in the state have helped Texas Sen. Ted Cruz overtake him in most polls and caused Trump's already high unfavorability numbers to skyrocket locally. Colbert took the opportunity to rub it in Monday. 

“This week, the tide seemed to turn against Trump,” the comedian began, highlighting his falling poll numbers. “That’s what they say about Trump: Love him or hate him, statistically, you probably hate him.”

Colbert brought out Cartoon Donald Trump, his animated version of the real estate mogul, to defend himself, pressing the fake candidate about his real-life counterpart's increasingly dire situation in Wisconsin.

"You do realize you are losing in Wisconsin, right?" Colbert asked. 

"I disagree. Look at my numbers, Stephen, they're huge," he said, referencing a potentially misleading tweet from Trump that displayed his poll numbers in much larger type than Cruz's higher numbers.

The cartoon candidate later threatened to "punish" Wisconsin voters who vote for Cruz, an echo of Trump's statement Trump to MSNBC's Chris Matthews suggesting women who receive abortions should face criminal punishment. 

Colbert first used the cartoon Trump gag to mock the candidate's contentious interview with Anderson Cooper during a March 29 CNN town hall during which the anchor pressed Trump about a controversial retweet of an unflattering photo of Cruz's wife Heidi. Trump defended the retweet, claiming Cruz "started it," a defense that Cooper called "the excuse of a 5-year-old." 

“Mr. Cartoon Trump, how do you respond to Anderson Cooper comparing you to a 5-year-old?” Colbert asked on the March 30 episode of "The Late Show."

“Anderson Cooper’s a dumb-dumb,” replied the fake front-runner. “He’s a stupid-head. A total poopy-pants. It’s sad.”

As for Wisconsin, Trump is currently lagging behind Cruz in most recent polls of the state. There are 42 delegates at stake in the contest Tuesday.