The Charity Cancer Research (CCR) in Britain has reported that more women are developing womb cancer nowadays compared to 35 years ago.

The CCR put the present ratio of women developing the disease to 19 for every 100,000 women, about 50 percent higher than the 13 per 100,000 women in 1975. The CCR also counted 7,530 women diagnosed with the cancer of the uterus per year compared to only 4,175 in 1975.

The choice of more women to bear few children or not bear any children at all is seen by doctors as the cause of the rising number of womb cancer. That is because of the higher oestrogen level in their blood. During pregnancy, however, the intensity of the hormone is lesser.

Doctors also blamed obesity for the rise in womb cancer cases claiming that the condition increases two folds the chance of developing tumor. Apparently, there is higher concentration of fatty tissues in the body of obese women and these changes other hormones into oestrogen.