26-year-old convenience store clerk Sammary Blackwell, who looks similar to Casey Anthony, was attacked in Oklohoma by a woman who thought that she was Anthony.  Ironically, Blackwell's daughter is named Caylee. 

Blackwell said that a woman entered the convenience store and accused her of looking like Casey Anthony.  The woman then followed her home and rammed her truck, causing Blackwell's vehicle to flip over two and a half times.  Blackwell said she pretended that she was dead so that the woman would not kill her.

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony filed an appeal of her conviction that she lied to law enforcement officers.  Just when we thought that the most hated woman in America couldn't possibly annoy us any further.    

Anthony was acquitted on charges of killing her two-year-old daughter July 5 and will be released July 17.

Anthony's defense said the child died in a swimming pool accident, prompting a cover-up by the family.  The prosecution maintained that Anthony drugged her daughter and suffocated her using duct tape, then partied like it was 1999.  Deleted internet searches were found on Anthony's personal computer for the terms how to make chloroform, neck-breaking, and self-defense.

Anthony told police that she worked for Universal studios and that a nanny had kidnapped Caylee, or, as Anthony calls her, Cays.  Anthony also said that she had spoken with the little girl July 15, 2008.

Caylee's decomposed remains were found six months later in a remote wooded area near the family home. 

Meanwhile, Casey Anthony's father joined a campaign to sign the Caylee's Law which will make it a felony for parents not to report missing children within 24 hours of their disappearance.  Please take time to sign this petition for Caylee Marie, George Anthony wrote.  He added, This will assist other children.... I do not want to see another child go thru what Caylee endured...God Bless.

More than 1.2 million people have already signed this petition, which may be accessed at Change.org. 

Anthony accused her father and brother of raping her since early childhood and said that this darkness inherent to the Anthony family enabled her to become a skilled liar.  George Anthony and Lee Anthony have consistently denied these accusations.

People named Casey Anthony have received numerous death threats and are actively being harassed. 

Anthony's lawyers say that she is emotionally and physically exhausted and fear for her safety.

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