Casey Anthony took ill on Thursday and the trial adjourned 90 minutes earlier than scheduled.  Journalists and jurors were not given more details on the nature of Anthony's illness.

During Thursday's trial, multiple graphic photos were shown of toddler Caylee Anthony's remains.   Before the showing, attendees of the trial were given the opportunity to leave the court room.  A handful of spectators and Caylee Anthony's grandparents opted to leave.

Defendant Case Anthony kept her head down, looked away from the screens showing the photos, and cried during the photo showing time.

The photos included Caylee's decomposing skull with duct tape wrapped around the nose and mouth.  An expert witness said the duct tape was what held the skull together at that stage of decomposition. 

Other items that were shown included Caylee's shorts and a leg bone.

Thursday's trial also revealed that Anthony told yet another lie about the whereabouts of her daughter during the 31-days she was missing in mid-2008.

Anthony first claimed (to her parents) that her daughter was fine and not missing.  Then, she claimed she dropped off her daughter with a babysitter named Zanny, who then kidnapped the toddler.

Now, her brother shared another tale Anthony fabricated, which his that Zanny held her down by the wrist at a public park, told her she was an unfit parent for Caylee, and then ran off with Caylee with the help of Zanny's sister.

Anthony allegedly claimed that Zanny did it to teach her a lesson and told her not to report it to the police.

Anthony's defense currently claim that Caylee Anthony had already been dead before the 1 month period during which she was previously thought to have been missing.

The defense alleges that Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool in an accident and was first discovered by Casey Anthony's father.  Furthermore, the defense claims that Anthony kept her daughter's death a secret because she was taught to lie her whole life as an allegedly sexually abused child.

Anthony is accused by the prosecution of killing her daughter to rid herself the burdens of motherhood.  If convicted, she faces the death penalty.