With Halloween just around the corner, the biggest costume buzz this year is a mask replicating the face of Casey Anthony. Hundreds of customers have been reported to have asked for the costume but Rubies, the largest international manufacturers of Halloween costumes, is not giving in to the pressure.

Rubie's has received hundreds of calls asking for costumes of Anthony, who was recently acquitted of murdering her daughter.  The owner of Rubies told TMZ that he had no interest in even attempting to seek out the necessary license to manufacture an Anthony clone.

Following her highly publicized case, Anthony has become something of a celebrity, with people more curious about her personality traits, party habits and personal life than the details of the case itself.

She is expected to make millions by selling entertainment rights to her story for films, books or even pornography.

Anthony's ex-boyfriend Crandon Snow describes her as a party girl and the person to go to if you wanted to hang out [or] go party because she was always down.

Many have criticized that amid the Anthony's hype the gruesome murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee has been forgotten.

Now the latest trend is who can make the best Anthony Costume for Halloween. Start the slideshow to get a glimpse at her top looks.