The Casey Anthony murder trial on Wednesday will be a shortened session, according to media reports.

Judge Belvin Perry said the trial on Wednesday will be half-day as he must attend a judge's meeting, AP reported.

Prosecutors said on Tuesday that a woman, jailed in a cell next to Casey Anthony, had a child who also drowned in its family's pool, which is similar to the story given by defense lawyers for Caylee Anthony's death.

According to prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick, the new piece in the jigsaw puzzle is being investigated. The prosecution believes that the woman in question, April Whelan, may not have told Casey the story of the child's drowning, but she may have heard it from other prisoners.

According to a sheriff's office incident report, April Whelan had a 15-month-old son who drowned his family's pool in Orlando on Christmas Day 2007. Later, he was found by his grandfather.

On Tuesday, two expert witnesses testified.

Jane Bock , a forensic botanist testified that Caylee's corpse might have been in the wooded area, where it was found, for about 2 weeks, according to the leaf litter at that time.

Another expert witness, Dr. Richard Eichlenbloom, also testified that he didn't find DNA on the duct tape that covered Caylee's face.

Casey, 25, is charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee on June 16, 2008, and then storing her body in the trunk of a car. If she is found guilty of first degree murder, Casey Anthony could be sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Casey Anthony denies the charges that she murdered her toddler daughter. She contends that Caylee drowned accidentally in the swimming pool.

The prosecution says Casey killed the little girl by suffocation and kept the dead body hidden for several days. She then dumped the body in the woods near her parents' home.

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