On June 23, Cindy Anthony's testimony shook the courtroom.

The next day, Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony's mother, was called back to the witness stand for a second day in a row. 

Defense attorney Jose Baez showed a video of Caylee Anthony playing with Casey, her mother, to the jury. He also showed photos of the pool from various angles, including several of her helping Caylee climb the ladder on the side of the pool. 

Cindy wiped tears from her eyes as she watched the video of Caylee bouncing on Casey's legs as the young mother laid on the floor, from April 2007. 

Cindy Anthony was seen rubbing her neck, trying to stop the tears.

Both Casey and Cindy Anthony cried as pictures of Caylee wearing a bright yellow life vest and purple bathing suit were shown as she climbed up the pool ladder with the help of her grandmother, reported ABC News.

It's a picture of Caylee walking up the ladder and I'm behind her and holding her...My hands are on her but not firmly...just like a light touch, Cindy Anthony testified.

As Caylee grew older, she became more familiar with the Anthony family pool, and was impatient to wait for family to guide her into the pool, according to Cindy.

She could climb into the pool by herself, Cindy testified. She was anxious to get in. 

We took extra precaution every day to keep the ladder off the pool, Cindy continued. We taught Caylee she had to be with us to swim.  

In June 2008, the month she disappeared, Caylee went swimming frequently. Cindy said that on June 16, 2008, the day that the defense claims Caylee drowned, the pool ladder was up when she came home from work, according to ABC News.

This morning, the prosecution successfully objected to a line of questioning about whether Cindy and George Anthony were having problems in their marriage when Caylee disappeared.


On Thursday, Cindy in her testimony claimed that she made a series of key searches for the prosecution's case against Casey.

According to previous witnesses, evidence of a surprisingly large amount of chloroform and residue from a putrid human body were found in Casey's car trunk.

Cindy said she searched for chlorophil [sic] and may have searched the term chloroform on the net, to see whether plants in her yard was making her dog sick. 

Months before Caylee disappeared in 2008, chloroform was searched on the family computer of the Anthony's.   

After Caylee's death, Chloroform was found in the trunk of Anthony's car. 

Among the four and a half years of Internet history contained in the Anthony family computer, Cindy denied the searches of words such as neck breaking, how to make chloroform, shovel, self defense, or household weapons.

Following the testimony, Mark Lippman, attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, refuted a report that the couple believed their daughter to be guilty of murder.

My clients support their daughter. They don't know what she's guilty of, if anything. said Lippman. They simply want to know the truth. They have no idea what happened. ... That's why they're there, he said.

Lippman also denied the involvement of George Anthony in Caylee's disappearance, and his sexual abuse against his daughter, Casey.

The defense has alleged George Anthony for disposing the dead body of Caylee when she accidentally drowned in the pool.

Baez had claimed that Casey learned to lie at eight years old when her father started sexually abusing her. George Anthony denied both allegations. 

Susan Constantine, a jury consultant and expert in body language told HLN host that she believes Cindy Anthony lied on the witness stand for the defense. She was lying. She was covering up for her daughter so she doesn't go to the death chamber. That's what she was doing, Constantine said.

But why?

I'm going to tell you exactly why. Because if you know what you're looking for, there are specific muscles in the face that should fire at different times during different emotions. And when she was asked, 'In 2009, don't you remember saying this,' and I saw self-doubt in her mouth. Her lips pulled in, they pulled together, and she had a smirk on her mouth called duping delight. And that is when somebody feels like they may be duping you and pulling one over on you.

Charged with first-degree murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, whose body was found in November 2008, Casey Anthony has maintained her innocence of all charges.

The prosecution claims Casey murdered her daughter by suffocation and kept the corpse several days, then dumped the body in the woods near her parents' home.

Casey Anthony could face the death penalty if she is found guilty of murdering her daughter.