A grief expert told jurors in the Casey Anthony trial on Wednesday that people suffer in different ways and that young people grieve reluctantly.

They don't suffer it in the same way. If I were to poll the room I would find that each of you handle it differently, said Florida State University's Sally Karioth.

Karioth said she was speaking generally and could not speak specifically about Casey Anthony.

Young adults are reluctant grievers, she said. They may drink too much. They may do drugs too much.

Casey Anthony could face the death penalty if convicted of smothering Caylee with duct tape on June 16, 2008, as the prosecution alleges. Casey's defense attorneys say Caylee drowned on June 16 at Casey's parents' home in Orlando, Florida.

Caylee was not reported missing for 31 days and her skeleton was discovered 6 months later near the parents' home.