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NFL’s Dan Marino Loses Millions: Why Did Digital Domain Go Bankrupt?

NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino is one of the major investors who lost millions when the visual-effects company filed for bankruptcy last week. The Oscar-winning company, founded in 1993 by James Cameron, had created effects for such movies as "Titanic," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and the "Trasnformers" franchise.
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US-Cuba Travel Snarled By Regulations, Politics

The Obama administration's much touted "people-to-people" travel program to Cuba has all but ground to a halt due to tighter regulations issued in May, apparently to placate Cuban-American lawmakers, travel industry professionals said this week.
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'Innocence of Muslims' And 5 Other Western Depictions Of Mohammed That Inflamed The Islamic World

The depiction of the prophet Mohammed in the Western media has long been a sore point among Muslims, who view the artistic expressions as blasphemous and highly offensive. "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Mohammed film that gained YouTube notoriety and spurred the Benghazi, Libya, attack that killed Ambassador, is hardly the first Western media reference to the prophet to incite religious backlash.
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UV Vision Helps Crabs See On Ocean Floor

Researchers found that eight kinds of crab had eyes that are sensitive to blue light, and two of those species had eyes that were sensitive to both blue and ultraviolet light.


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