Casey Anthony, the woman accused and subsequently acquitted of killing her two-year-old child using chloroform and duct tape, came in at first place as "The Most Hated Person in America" in a survey conducted by research company E-Poll Market Research, polled 1,100 people aged 13 and older.

The poll found that 53 percent of study participants knew who Casey Anthony was and that 94 percent of those who knew who she really disliked her. 57 percent of those polled said that she is "creepy" and 60 percent said that she is "cold."

Anthony acquired a new tattoo with the Italian words for "beautiful life" and entered herself into a "hot body" contest after her daughter "became missing." 

Nayda Suleman, the unemployed single mother on public assistance programs who gave birth to eight children using in vitro fertilization in 2009, was ranked near the top.  Suleman was found to have six other young children. 

Suleman has notoriously struggled to support her 14 young children and her home has almost been foreclosed several times. The woman reportedly said that she would participate in a boxing match earlier this month. 

"I've been through more in the past year than most people go through in a lifetime. I've been sued, harassed, abused, but I've held my own," Suleman told People. "I think about others now and not so much about myself. I spend more time thinking about paying bills, paying my mortgage and paying attention," she added.

Paris Hilton and Howard Stern were also in the running.