“Castle” fans better prepare for a new face in Season 7. TNT veteran Gina Ravera will guest star in Season 7 episode 2, which will air Monday, Oct. 6.  

Ravera, who played Detective Irene Daniels for four seasons on “The Closer,” will play Marsha Stoller on “Castle.” Stoller will be the vice president of a successful toy company.

Stoller’s episode will feature Castle and Beckett on the case of a dead toy company founder. Stoller will be the president of that company and a key person of interest to the detective couple.

When Season 6 of "Castle" ended, Castle and Beckett’s wedding had been interrupted by an attack on Castle’s life, his assailant running his car off the road into a fiery explosion. Fans were left watching Beckett, teary in her wedding dress, searching for signs of life from Castle.

It seems pretty clear that Castle will be just fine in Season 7, and the couple will be back on the trail of bad guys in no time, including the toy-magnate killer in Stoller’s feature episode. “Castle” returns to ABC on Sept. 29.

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