Fans have been waiting since May to find out what happened in the explosive Season 6 finale of “Castle.” The show left off with Castle and Beckett all set to get married before Castle was run off the road by an unknown assailant on their wedding day. The ABC series’ final shot showed Beckett in tears after finding Castle’s car, consumed in flames, with him presumably trapped inside.

So, is Castle dead? Series creator Andrew Marlowe doesn’t seem to even entertain the theory. According to TV Guide, he won’t even call Castle’s accident a “near-death experience.” Apparently, there is no guarantee Castle was even hurt at all. Fans shouldn’t be surprised if the new season opens with Castle emerging from off-screen to the delight of his shocked bride-to-be.

If Castle will be all right after the accident, what will he be up to in Season 7? “There are going to be some unanswered questions and some really great mysteries that Castle himself is going to be investigating moving forward," executive producer David Amann told TV Guide. Marlowe also hinted that the season will take a more introspective look at Nathan Fillion’s character. "Why does he do what does? Why is he interested in murder? What has gone on in his past? These are rich questions we haven't really explored."

Fans have plenty more questions for Season 7: Is the wedding still on (we left Beckett crying in her wedding dress, after all)? Who ran Castle off the road? And why? Fans will have to wait until the show starts up again to find out. “Castle” Season 7 premieres Sept. 29 on ABC.

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