Great news for “Castle” fans! The highly anticipated series will mark its season 8 return with three episodes to be shown in eight days. The show will also feature characters Richard Castle and Captain Kate Beckett enjoying some romantic time together, although in secret.

The second half of “Castle” season 8 will return a week later than initially planned, although ABC will be making up for the late midseason premiere with an additional Sunday episode. According to TVLine, the midseason 8 premiere of “Castle” will air Monday, Feb. 8, to be followed by a Sunday Valentine episode on Feb. 14. The series will then resume its usual Monday schedule with another episode on Feb. 15. All in all, loyal viewers of the hit ABC show will get to enjoy three episodes in a little over a week’s time.

Meanwhile, the premiere midseason 8 episode of “Castle” will feature a peek at the world of competitive a cappella. Episode 9 titled “Tone Death” will guest star “High School Musical” actor Corbin Bleu, Entertainment Weekly reported. Blue will portray Hunter Washington who is the leader of a rival a cappella group. Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) investigation into the said musical industry will start when a body is found dead in a theater.

For Valentine’s Day, the “Castle” season 8 episode will show Castle in a courtroom, which co-showrunner Alex Hawley told TVLine, was a “first” in the series’ history. Episode 10 titled “Witness for the Prosecution” was described as a “treat for our longtime fans” by co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter. He teased during a TVLine interview that the Castle will be tasked to take the witness stand in the said episode, however, things “kind of goes sideways.”

On the other hand, the Feb. 15 episode of “Castle” season 8 will feature a Russian agent to be played by Nick Tarabay, TVLine reported. Episode 11 titled “Dead Red” will have Castle going head-to-head with Tarabay’s character.

Apart from the exciting cases that Fillion and Katic’s characters will encounter in upcoming “Castle” season 8 episodes, co-showrunner Hawley shared with Entertainment Weekly that Castle and Beckett will be back in each other’s arms this season. However, the two characters are keeping their romance a secret. “They’re fighting in public and romancing in private, which adds a little spark to their relationship,” Hawley explained.