There are a number of classic YouTube videos that never cease to provide laughs, smiles or giggles from viewers. While most of the videos include babies or puppies (or babies vs. puppies), one unlikely classic has resurfaced online nearly two years after it was originally posted.

Cat vs. Alligator, an epic battle between, well, a cat and an alligator, has gone viral this week after the video regained traction on YouTube. The film clip, originally posted on YouTube on Nov. 17, 2010, shows the bravest or most foolish cat viewers might ever see.

An orange and white tabby cat defends the bank of a swamp in LaPlace, La. as a hungry alligator tries to snack on pieces of meat left along the shore. An observer on an excursion with the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours filmed the encounter and bystanders can be heard cheering on the cat in the background of the clip.

Check out the epic showdown between the fearless cat and its ferocious alligator foe. 

Watch the Viral Video of Cat vs. Alligator Here: