Articles by Julia Greenberg

Utah Abstinence-Only Sex-Ed Bill Bans Public School Talk of Gays, Condoms, STDs

Legislators passed a controversial bill this week in the Utah Senate, which would allow public schools to offer an abstinence-only sexual education curriculum - or no sex-ed program at all. The measure would prohibit Utah public schools from teaching students that contraceptives can be used as a means of preventing pregnancy and infection from sexually transmitted diseases. It would also ban teachers from discussing homosexuality.
The Stache Act

Mustache Tax Breaks: ‘Stache Act’ Heads to Congress in Effort to Trim Mustached Americans' Taxes

The American Mustache Institute, a lobbying group that hopes to offer tax breaks to mustached Americans, has found an unlikely ally in Congress: Maryland Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett. Congressman Bartlett has referred the proposed bill, the Stache Act, to the House Ways and Means Committee. The Stache Act would give individuals sporting mustaches up to $250 in tax credit every year.