ABC’s Thank God It’s Thursday lineup is about to get a little more exciting with the debut of its new drama, “The Catch.” The hourlong show is about a beautiful and powerful private investigator named Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos) who catches high-end criminals for a living. Alice suddenly becomes a victim of a huge con when she realizes her fiancé first stole millions of dollars from her and then vanished from her life.

“The Catch” is the latest television series from creator Shonda Rhimes, who’s behind the hit shows “Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Check out four things to know about “The Catch” below, ahead of its premiere Thursday night.

The Cast

Enos (“The Killing”) stars as the main female character. Alice is a private investigator with corporate clients who launched the company Anderson/Vaughan Investigations (AVI) with her best friend forever and business partner, Valerie Anderson. Alice meets and falls in love with an apparently wealthy venture capitalist named Christopher Hall, but soon realizes the man she was going to marry isn’t who she had believed he is.

Peter Krause (formerly of “Parenthood”) plays Christopher, but his real name is actually Benjamin Jones. Chris, or Ben, works for a woman named Margot and cons people out of millions of dollars in cash and property.

Rose Rollins (formerly of “Chase”) plays Valerie, Alice’s BFF and business partner. While Alice is in the field chasing after the bad guys, Valerie stays in the office dealing with their clients, the cops and the feds.

Also in the cast are Alimi Ballard as Reginald Lennox III, Ben’s partner; Jay Hayden as Danny Yoon, Alice’s investigative partner who has no problem with breaking a few laws to crack a case; and Jacky Ido as Jules Dao, an FBI agent who’s been trying to catch Ben for the last two years. “The Catch” also features Sonya Walger as Margot, Ben’s boss, and Elvy Yost as Sophie Novak, a hacker who works at AVI.

Premiere Episode Synopsis

According to TV Guide, the first episode jumps right into the midst of things, with Alice discovering Christopher is gone and that he took everything she owned with him. “For the first time,” the synopsis reads, “Alice experiences life from her clients’ perspective when she becomes the victim of fraud.”

A Complicated Relationship

Even though it appears the romance between Alice and Ben may be doomed, Krause teased that they really do love each other. “Their love story is what brings them together. I think they really love each other — they just happen to be on opposite sides of the law,” he said during a recent interview with AOL Build. Krause also said his character goes through a “crisis of conscience” because of his love for Alice.

Sneak Peek Videos

“The Catch” premieres on ABC Thursday, March 24, at 10 p.m. EDT.