Catherine Bosley, an Ohio TV newswoman, won a lawsuit against Hustler over publication of a picture showing her naked in a wet T-shirt contest.

Rejecting the pornography publisher's argument that the use of image was protected under the First Amendment, Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Hustler Inc had no right to publish the picture of Catherine Bosley dancing in a wet T-shirt contest without her permission, Reuters reported.

Favoring Bosley and her husband over the image taken at a Florida bar in 2003, the jury awarded them $135,000 plus attorney fees, the Associated Press noted.

press release issued by AVN Media Network, stated that Catherine Bosley (real name Catherine Balsly), entered a wet T-shirt contest while vacationing in Florida in 2003. By evening, she was found dancing naked on the bar, which was captured on film by amateur photographer Fontran Durocher and posted on his website.

The event cost Bosley her job with WKBN-TV in 2003, which made her and her husband buy the rights to the photos from Durocher to ward off further embarrassment and employment difficulties.

However, in 2006, Larry Flyn't Hustler printed one of the photos, which continued to circulate on the internet. This incensed Bosely who filed a suit against Hustler claiming the publication failed to secure her permission to print the photo.

It's unclear if Hustler Inc will appeal the decision, AP added. At present, Bosley is a news anchor with WOIO Channel 19, a CBS affiliate.