Credit: Channel Ten

Claire Murray, 24 died of infections from her second liver transplant in Singapore on Thursday. The operation was conducted by local surgeons who concluded that the death was caused by a genetic disorder.

The discovery goes against the allegations made by her previous doctors who said her first liver transplant failed because of her heroin addiction.

Claire Murray, a 24-year-old Australian had been the target of negative media coverage in Australia after her family appealed for the government's financial support for her operation.

The general surgeon, Dr Prema Raj said that Ms Murray did not come across as a drug abuser, portrayed by the media.

When Claire came to us, she was portrayed as a drug junkie, a drug addict who abused here liver and was no good. But honestly, after getting to know her, what we saw was not a junkie, but a young lovely woman, a mother of two, who really wanted another chance at life.

Following the successful liver transplant, Ms Murray had been recovering well until blood clots started forming in her arteries, which resulted in her death.

Surgeons discovered she had a dysfunctional gene - a different conclusion drawn from her previous doctors who blamed her return to drug addiction.

There was speculation that her drug use was responsible for the demise of this graft which caused her to go into liver failure again - hence the need for a second transplant, said Dr Lui Hock Foong, liver transplant physician at Mt Elizabeth hospital.

When she came to us, we ran a series of blood tests to find out if she has any inherent genetic disorder that would make her more likely to have blood clots. And as it turned out, she has a rare mutation of a gene that makes her to have blood clots more easily than others.