CBS icon Andy Rooney, 92, has been hospitalized after suffering serious complications from a minor surgery which was performed last week, his longtime employer network CBS announced on Tuesday.

According to the statement, Rooney is in stable condition, but no further details were revealed as his family requested that their privacy be respected at this difficult time.

The legendary 60 Minutes broadcaster has won Emmy Award for three times in his 70-year career as a writer. Rooney started to delivered essay in 1978, spanning a wide variety of topics, from events in the news to his feelings about Girl Scout cookies.

The final - his 1,097th essay - was delivered on Oct. 2. The commentator said it was a moment he dreaded, because I wish I could do this forever. I can't, though.

Rooney was famous for his cantankerous character. According to AP, the writer hated being recognized on the street and even if someone saw him at a restaurant, it's better to just leave him alone and let him eat his dinner.