Season 14 of “Celebrity Apprentice” is in full swing. The show just premiered on Sunday and already Donald Trump has fired three of the original 16 D-Listers. Now that Keshia Knight Pulliam, Kevin Jonas and Gilbert Gottfried are gone, it’s time to look ahead to who might be on the chopping block next.

According to the synopsis for episode 3, one of next week’s two challenges will have the men and women’s teams compete to raise money for charity by selling wedding dresses. The installment, titled “Family Affair,” will pick up right after the firing of Gottfried last week.

However, as every “Celebrity Apprentice” fan knows, the real point of each episode is the feuds and drama. “Family Affair” promises members of the men’s team will “further their rivalry.” So far, Team Vortex has operated relatively well together, say for one huge exception – Geraldo Rivera. After escaping the bottom three elimination twice last week, Rivera remains a strong competitor, but he has stepped on a lot of toes to get there.

After borderline sabotaging Kevin Jonas into being fired, Ian Ziering seems to have taken up the mantle as the biggest proponent for getting the longtime TV figure fired from the show. Rivera's ego and over-the-top bad ideas have made him the definitive “bad guy” of the season.

Meanwhile, the budding conflicts seen among the women will intensify in episode 3 as well. Next week, they will argue over who should be a model for a photo shoot their team must organize. It’s unclear who the major players in the fight will be, but after last week's episode, the budding feuds are clear.

Vivica A. Fox won the task as project manager, but it came at the expense of her relationship with Shawn Johnson, whom she threw under the bus in the boardroom for being lazy. Meanwhile, Kate Gosselin and Brandi Glanville have been jabbing at each other since the first episode’s pie competition. The odds are strong that the two are only a few choice words away from all-out war.

Fans will have to tune in to see where these feuds go and who will be sent home next in the double-elimination episode. Celebrity Apprentice” Season 14, episode 3, will air Monday, Jan. 12, at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.