With precious few tasks left until a winner is crowned, NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” is pulling out all the stops. After firing Sig Hansen and Kate Gosselin in Episode 5’s explosive and controversial boardroom, the remaining contestants were forced to turn the throat cutting up to 11 to survive, which so few did.

The first challenge of the night saw the contestants tasked with creating a photobomb campaign and a hashtag campaign to promote King’s Hawaiian bread. Hoping to ride the train of Team Infinity’s recent winning streak, Johnny Damon stepped up to lead his team as project manager. Meanwhile, Kenya Moore was promoted by Geraldo Rivera and Vivica A. Fox to lead their team because … well, it makes for really spectacular TV.

Team Infinity had some difficulty with Ian Ziering’s relentless pun-based hashtag ideas. The “Sharknado” star was able to redeem himself by calling in yet another favor to get his team aerial photos of the Manhattan skyline from a freaking helicopter.

Meanwhile, Rivera suggested photographic women’s “buns” and their team was off to the races. Fox felt tremendously underused and insulted during the task as neither Moore nor Rivera suggested using her rear end in any of the promotional shots. During the editing of the photo shoot, Kenya tried to appease Fox by asking her to begin working on the presentation with her phone, only for Fox to discover that (queue dramatic reveal music) it was gone!

In what was one of the most one-sided competitions of Season 14 thus far, Damon took home the win and Fox, Rivera and Moore found themselves in the boardroom once again. That’s when things got crazy.

With her photogenic posterior in the project manager seat, Kenya Moore could sense her back was inching toward the wall -- so she lashed out at Fox blaming her poor performance and mood swings on menopause. In what was perhaps the most shocking blow to women in the workplace since Fox blamed Shawn Johnson’s poor performance on the Olympian getting her period weeks ago, Fox had to defend herself arguing that Moore’s statements were simply untrue.

Moore defended her harsh words saying that it was public information as Fox tweeted about her menopause… On her phone… Which was missing… You see where this is going. It became apparent very early on that Moore had likely stolen Fox’s phone and sent the damning tweet. It’s important to note that there is absolutely no proof of this, but the speculation in the boardroom ran rampant.  

It was truly the most spectacularly entertaining boardrooms of Season 14. Vivica called Kenya a “dirty a-- b----.” Kenya fired back by calling her rival “ghetto” and, similar to last week, sucked up to her boss saying that “ghetto” is simply not Donald Trump’s brand.

Unfortunately for the Real Housewives heel, her flattery wasn’t enough this week and Trump sent her packing, much to the relief of Fox, who was furious to the point of tears by the end. With the cloud of negativity lifted from Season 14 (at least for Fox and Brandi Glanville) the cast was on to the next challenge of the night.

The teams were tasked with coming up with a jingle for Bud Lite’s brand of Margaritas. With Team Vortex down to just Rivera and Fox, Trump moved Leeza Gibbons over, making the teams three on three with Team Infinity down to Brandi Glanville, Johnny Damon and Ian Ziering.

Gibbons’ first act as Team Vortex’s new member was to step up as project manager. Instantly she sat down with her team and came up with a catchy and concise jingle that is, quite frankly, still stuck in my head, (“Go, go, go Lime-a-rita”). Although Geraldo caused some friction with his naturally bad ideas, Gibbons was able to reel him in and Vortex ended up having a stellar presentation.

Meanwhile, Brandi Glanville and Ian Ziering continued their streak of not getting along. This time however, their tiff was upgraded to an all out feud as Glanville finally called Ziering out for being condescending and rude. When he and Johnny Damon tried to win their project manager over with two different jingle pitches, Ziering was flabbergasted when his rip-off of “La Cucaracha” wasn’t chosen.

When the time came for the boardroom, Brandi Glanville’s team ended up losing letting Team Vortex off the hook. Little did Team Infinity know that they were stepping into the biggest trap in the show’s history.

After forcing Damon and Glanville to throw Ian Ziering under the bus for being too difficult to work with, Trump finally axed the contestant whom I favored to win since week 2.

 End of recap right? (Queue dramatic music again) Wrong!

Ziering unceremoniously walked out of the boardroom and didn’t even get a final elevator shot before Trump told Glanville and Damon to sit down because he was going to fire someone else. With two weeks left until the Season 14 finale, math dictated that, to keep up the double elimination schedule, Trump had to send two home this week. He asked both Damon and Glanville to make a case why one should stay and one should go. However, both felt the other did an exceptional job and had difficulty coming up with a reason. The whole scene was a very twisted high-stakes game of emotional chicken.

In the end, with neither side able to argue in his or her favor, Trump did the only sensible thing and fired them both. That’s right, in one fell swoop, Team Infinity was wiped out of the game altogether. This leaves the final three contestants down to Rivera, Fox and Gibbons. Don’t worry though, to keep up with the show’s schedule, Trump will present a very clip show next week… You’re welcome America. “Celebrity Apprentice” airs Monday nights on NBC at 8 p.m. EST. 

Odds and Ends:

- Once again, the late Joan Rivers made one of her final guest appearances on "Celebrity Apprentice." 

- I hereby concede that my prediction of Ian Ziering winning was flawed and throw my full support behind Leeza Gibbons. 

- The photo stills from the helicopter photo shoot showed trees that were completely bare. However, the establishing shots of the helicopter flying around New York showed trees flush with green leaves. Try harder NBC. 

- Once agian, someone invokes the name of Omarosa to stir the pot. This time it was Rivera, of course. 

- The moment when Vivica told off Kenya as they walked out of the boardroom is the most gif-worthy moment of the whole season. "I don't care. Bounce!"

- So, seriously... Do you think Kenya stole the phone? I want answers.

- Is "La Cucaracha" trademarked? I know it's not a jingle as Trump seems to think, but is it really trademarked?

- "Go, go, go Lime-a-Rita!"